How to install Clio

Install via NPM

To install Clio language, you'll need Node.js and NPM. After installing Node and NPM, you can install Clio by running:

npm i -g clio-lang

Check your installation by running clio in your local shell. You're good to go!

Install via Arch User Repository

If you are using an Arch-based linux distribution, you might consider installing Clio via the Arch User Repository (AUR). You can get more information about the clio-lang package here:

Bleeding Edge Installation

Clio is in active development and installation is only recommended for testing, early adopting and development so it is recommended to install from git before we reach a stable version one release.

To install from git, you'll need Node.js, NPM and git. You need to clone the repository:

git clone

Then cd to the project directory:

cd clio

Now you need to install dependencies, to do that run:

npm install

Now you need to link the clio executable:

npm link