Clio modules

Any .clio file is a Clio module and can be imported in any other Clio code. There is no need to use a export keyword or a exports variable like in JavaScript.

fn hello name:
'hello' name -> print

The above example is a simple Clio module and can be imported and used like this:

import hello from my_module
'world' -> hello

In Clio, imports are relative and by path, there is no support for absolute imports. Clio recognizes the following import path formats:

import module
import ./module
import ../module
import dir/module
import ./dir/module
import ../dir/module

Including .clio for file name is optional, the above example is the same as the following:

import module.clio
import ./module.clio
import ../module.clio
import dir/module.clio
import ./dir/module.clio
import ../dir/module.clio