clio deps

List dependencies

Use clio deps or clio deps show to show a Clio project dependencies:

$ clio deps

~> master

Command Syntax and Options

$ clio deps --help

Manage clio dependencies

clio deps add <source> [project]          Add a new dependency
clio deps get [project]                   Download every dependency listed in
                                          the package config file
clio deps show [project]                  Show a list of dependencies for the
                                          project                    [default]

      --version       Show version number                            [boolean]
      --project       Project root directory, where your clio.toml file is.
                                                       [string] [default: "."]
-h, --help, --help  Show help                                        [boolean]

Add dependencies

You can install from a git url and a git tag, commit hash or branch name. Check Clio modules section for more info.

Use clio deps add to fetch and install the dependencies:

clio deps add

Npm packages

If you want to add an npm package, you can pass --npm flag to this command:

clio deps add --npm express

You can also pass the --dev flag to install npm dev dependencies:

clio deps add --npm --dev parcel

Download dependencies

To fetch all of the dependencies listed in the package config file:

clio deps get