In previous section, we saw how to define functions and how to call them. However, there is another way to call a function, and that’s using pipes:

The above piece of code is equivalent to the previous one, now you might ask why would I want to use this syntax instead? Well it’s because this syntax allows chaining function calls. Let’s say you want to add 2 and 3, and then print out the results, you can use pipes to chain the calls:

The above example calls add with 2 and 3, then passes the results to console.log. If you run the above example you will see a 5 in your console! You can also use parenthesis to pass the results of a function call to another:

However, using this syntax is discouraged (but justified in some cases), specially when there are more than two nested calls as it can lead to unreadable, confusing pieces of code!

Finally, if you want to call a function with no arguments, simply do:

The above code calls the hello function with no arguments.