We introduced the pipe operator -> in the previous section and we saw how we can pipe results of a function into another one. Using the pipe operator, you can chain as many function calls as you want:

The above adds 2 and 3 first, then multiplies them by 4, then prints out the result. To format your code you can put indents before the -> operator, for example:


Using pipes, you can also map a function to a value, for example, to print an array we can write:

and to print each item in the array, we can map the console.log function to the array:

As you see, in Clio we use -> * to map functions to values. This operator can be used in a flow:


We can call methods in flows, using the pipe operator:

This will call toUpperCase method of "hello", and then pipe the result to console.log!

Anonymous functions

Anonymous functions can either be used as an argument: