Clio Language Support for Visual Studio code adds syntax highlighting, code completion, suggestions and debugging features to VSCode. You can check the source here or check the package on VSCode marketplace.

Clio syntax highlighting for Visual Studio Code

Clio code highlighting in VSCode using the official Clio VSCode extension

Language Server

You can install the Clio language server to get better code completion on VSCode. To enable the Clio language server, first you need to install it using npm:

npm i -g clio-language-server

Then, you need to head on to the Clio extension settings in VSCode and activate the feature:

Visual Studio Code Clio configuration

Find “Clio configuration” in your VSCode settings, then click on “Clio > Language Server: Enabled” to enable the language server support.


Special thanks to Michele Riva for creating the initial version of this extension and special thanks to FW for his great work on the Clio language server!