Dependencies section

Clio dependencies of your project are defined in the [dependencies] section of your project manifest. Whenever you run clio deps add <dependency>, it will be added to this section. You can also add a dependency by specifying its source location, the name and its version:

"" = "master"

Clio modules are installed from git. To install a dependency, you need to pass a git url and a tag, commit hash or branch name:

clio deps add
clio deps add
clio deps add

Multiple versions of a dependency can be installed and used at the same time, to import a dependency you need to use the tag, commit hash, or branch name used to install it:

NPM dependencies

To add npm dependencies, use [npm.dependencies] section:

express = "latest"
passport = "latest"

For dev dependencies use [npm.devDependencies] section:

parcel = "next"